Oussama Tannane Stats, Goals, Records, Assists, Cups and more

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Oussama Tannane, a Moroccan winger renowned for his dazzling dribbling and creative spark on the pitch, has carved a path through various European leagues. Let’s delve into his stats, accomplishments, and resources to uncover the full story of his footballing journey.

Oussama Tannane Stats, Goals, Records, Assists, Cups and more

Stats and Current Form:

For a deep dive into Tannane’s statistical repertoire, websites like FBref.com serve as a treasure trove. This platform offers a meticulous breakdown of his appearances, goals, assists, and other metrics across various competitions. Explore his performance trajectory in the Eredivisie (Netherlands), Ligue 1 (France), and his time representing the Moroccan National Team.

Goalscoring Prowess and Assists:

While pinpointing a single source for his total career goals and assists might prove tricky, FBref.com offers a helping hand. By navigating through his season-by-season stats, you can track his evolution as a goal scorer and assist provider over the years. Witness how his creativity translates into tangible results on the pitch.

Beyond Individual Records:

The world of football often celebrates team achievements, making it slightly less common to find individual player records. However, this doesn’t diminish Tannane’s contributions. Delving into the history of the clubs he’s played for might reveal club records he was a part of. Did he propel his team to unexpected heights or contribute to a dominant championship run? Unearthing these details paints a more complete picture of his impact.

Cups Conquered:

Similar to uncovering club records, information on cups won by Tannane might be found through official club websites or news articles chronicling his championship victories. Was he a key player in a dramatic cup final or a consistent contributor throughout a successful cup run? Explore these resources to discover the silverware he’s helped bring home.

Further Exploration:

To enrich your understanding of Tannane’s career trajectory, consider utilizing Transfermarkt. This website provides a comprehensive timeline of his club transfers, including transfer fees and potentially highlighting trophy wins with previous teams. By piecing together information from these various sources, you can construct a compelling narrative of Oussama Tannane’s journey as a footballer, showcasing his stats, on-field contributions, and championship achievements.